Stop trying to please people.

I’ve always been the helping hand in most situations in life. Always looking for validation through pleasing other people. It’s a big mistake because constantly pleasing other people is a disservice to yourself. You need you more than anything else. All the time you spend waiting on approval you could’ve granted yourself.

Another danger of “people pleasing” is you’re giving someone control of your thoughts. Your thoughts are with you even when no one else is around. So you mean to tell me when you could be thinking about improving yourself , BUT Your thoughts are directed at the fact that you may have displeased someone. ROBBERY!!!

Don’t get me wrong if this is some type of 50/50 , and that person would be equally as bothered by disappointing you. Then maybe just maybe they deserve it. Someone who isn’t missing any sleep doesn’t deserve to live in your mind “rent free”. They will be okay and 9/10 will find another way to get whatever it is done. Don’t carry that burden it’s not yours in the first place.

Just wanted to encourage someone.




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